-† Have you ever wondered about immortality?

The Bible is the most scientifically accurate book on the subject of non-death interrupted eternal life!

                Here is the 'New Covenant', which is unveiled to us, today, through our fellowship with Holy Spirit! The Word of the Lord says, "I will imprint My teachings upon their minds; even upon their innermost thoughts and understanding! I will engrave them upon their hearts, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people!" I will DO, on a greater level of glory, what I DID before! I saved the world with water (the 1st Baptism; the Flood)! Now, I am bringing full redemption upon the world with fire (the 2nd Baptism; Holy Spirit!)! The 'old covenant', which included death, was glorious; but has been completely abolished! The Bible calls death (666, the anti-christ and the beast; to name a few). This understanding of Scripture, calls out to a loving mind that is packed with wisdom and intelligence; a particular mode of thinking in love and righteous judgements on feelings and purposes; the very image of the mind of Christ! Our Lord is right on schedule in DOING exactly what He promised us! Our Almighty and Holy Father will have ALL men to be fully redeemed! His heart desire is; NONE shall perish. Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings! He will accomplish full redemption, for ALL, through His chosen and faithful followers. His ministers of fire! For Your brilliant plan, God, we love You back!

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