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Chapter 4

    Puwt and Ruwb came in for a rough landing, all feet over wings that ended in a heap of feathers, dust, and then intense laughter. It happens so often that Mishal and Chayah simply leapt over them not even pausing their conversation. These two were inseparable. When they were together the chatter never stopped. Mishal was delighted to pick Chayah's brain about the Cherubim that tend the Unicorns and Chayah was equally happy to talk about Unicorns all day and night!
    Eiry also side-stepped the tangled ball of boys and muttered, "I saw that coming," with a smirk on his face. Laben volunteered to hoist the boys up and attempted to flatten out their bristled feathers and wipe off the dust. Puwt and Ruwb, back on their feet, wrapped their arms over each others shoulders and trudged off laughing all the way up the steps. Laben was shaking his head as he followed close behind them.
Charis, still a little overcome with emotion, paused to feel the awe-striking majesty of this place. Recovering her dignity, she followed her team up the steps.
    The Throne Room of God was more than a place; it felt like the very heartbeat of the universes, but also as comfortable as your own living room. The kick off your shoes, stay awhile feeling of home, with all the peace that implies. It was always a delight to all the senses.   Beyond the sights there was always this amazing smell. Charis didn't change her clothes for days after being here because the smell lingered in them.
    The Throne Room was ever changing, as soon as God had one idea and designed it, He'd immediately have another brilliant idea and the room would appear completely new and exciting, every time she visited Him. He loves variety. Since, the time, the 'one whom Jesus loved' had visited, it had been changed maybe a million times. Gladly God had forsaken the psychedelic shag carpeting of a few decades ago. Shag plus wings plus celestial energy produced one thing in abundance- static cling! Every angel that came and went out of the Throne, in those days, entered looking one way and exited with an entirely new hair style. Mostly standing straight up! The angelic force was so strong upon the Earth it gave rise to a fashion among the humans that involved loads of hairspray and hair gel. With the Father's sense of humor, it left one to wonder if it was intentional.
    As Charis entered the room this particular morning, however, the Throne Room was striking, absolutely magnificent. Cathedral style pillars rose from floor to ceiling with theatre style chairs encircling the entire room. An enormous round stained glass window with crown molding was centered above and the floor below that was polished so that it looked as though it were not even there at all. The River of Life bubbled out of the center and flowed out in every direction, washing the feet of all who tread upon this Holy ground. Intense, Charis thought, the Lord is in an exceptional mood for sure.  Most of the Angels were mesmerized by the thunders and lightening that seemed to come directly out from the Throne itself, which sat a little off to the side but directly on the polished floor.
    The Angels assembled themselves in the circles and rows of chairs. As each section of the celestial choir sat down, a color of light shown upon them. First, the Seraphim, 'the fiery ones', a dark red shine appeared. Then, the Cherubim, 'record keepers', the Thrones, 'the many eyed ones', Dominions, 'the teachers', and the Virtues, 'workers of miracles'; orange, yellow, lime green and a darker green, shimmered; respectively. Next came the Powers, 'the enforcers' and the Principalities, 'guardians of cities and nations'; light blue and dark blue, glimmerings were cast around the room. Lastly, the Arch-Angels and the rest of the Angels; purple and violet, arrayed the vast expanse. We were the last ring, not because God thought less of us as the Rebellion had suggested, but because we were closest to the Earth. Helping mankind was our mission. Each of the Angel teams sat behind their Arch-Angel leader.  We stood behind Micheal. The protector of the elect of God! Charis quickly looked for Chayah behind Uriel, the Arch-Angel, who kept safe the mysteries of God. This was where all the pre-team Angels gathered because it was, after-all, still a mystery of God where they'd end up in the cosmos. Charis gave her a sisterly wave and Chayah shot one back and a broad smile. Chayah looked as wide eyed with excitement as Uriel, himself.
    The thunders and lightening quieted as the last of the host settled into their respective places, and absolute silence embraced everyone, as the King entered. With the raise of His hand, the floor began to shift, it evolved from a blur beneath into absolute focus. A surprised gasp arose from every living creature at witnessing that the Throne had grown exceedingly close to the Earth.  You could see clearly the continents. Every millennia, every century, every decade, year, season, day, and moment, the Kingdom grew ever closer to the Earth. It was so close now Charis could hardly believe it! The entire host broke out into cheers and shouts of joy at the sight! The kingdom of God was on the verge of reconciling all things to itself.  Very soon they would all live in harmony on an everlasting Earth with, all the sons and daughters of God, as one royal kingdom! 
    The dark angels were weakening. Their kingdom found itself in a predicament, flanked on either side, wedged between the 2nd and 3rd heavens and the Earth below. Our High Priest had taken the Earth for heaven and now the dark ones were not only cast from the heavens but were cast from the Earth, as more believers matured into their authority. The light shining from both sides had them pinned down in the few remaining dark areas, where they shirked from the light. Their power diminished almost completely!
    The scene through the floor started to take some shape. What all eyes were observing was like rays of sun, piercing through rain clouds. Shafts of color shooting through in beams from the Earth to the Heavens as numerous as the stars or the sands of the sea. Millions of lights shinning, with varying degrees of strength, some large and some small, all in a unique shade of amazing color.
    Charis found herself drawn to a light that was flickering, lighting, then waning, then waxing; but the violet color was so beautiful she longed for it to shine brighter and longer, as she pressed in for a closer look. Just then, Gabriel blew his trumpet in a soprano tone and at the last of the resounding note, a symphony of voices sounded through the floor. They came from every direction, swirling through the room and into the ear drums of every angel present. Bits of audio sound bites, voices calling, praising, asking, commanding, singing, myriads of prayers with the harmony of one thought, "Your Kingdom come, Your Will is done!" Once again a cheer erupted from the heavenly host. They are calling for us, for God, for our kingdoms to merge! Charis was so moved, a tear tickled the edge of her eye, and she cheered out of joy, elation, acceptance, love, came from the very depth of her heart and she sang a Hallelujah!  Other's followed her in song and a chorus of hallelujah rang out from the angels and surprisingly from the Earth below, too, came a resounding "Hallelujah!" We were hearing, "King of kings and Lord of lords!” Holy Spirit was beaming out a smile that went from ear to ear!His work with humanity had changed almost every attribute of life that lived upon this planet which He was assigned to perfect!  The lights from below burned brighter and the faces of the Angels were illuminated as they looked down. The voices again began to ring out their prayers, their supplications and their praise!
    Angel team leaders began to call out to be assigned to the voice they felt compelled to answer.  That one, this one!  We can help there! Send us to them! We volunteer! As Charis looked around, to the left and to the right they were all getting assigned; the Lord agreeing to their requests with a nod and a dismissing wave of His hand, teams exiting to prepare. Charis focused back down on the floor.  She searched and strained and scanned for the violet light. Nowhere, it was nowhere! She scanned harder almost frantically. Where is it? Oh please... just then it flickered and the sound came clear and the background noise faded, and she heard "Father who is in Heaven, if your there... really there..." it dimmed- then grew brighter, "if your there send me an angel to help me.  I don't know who I am or where I fit." Charis burst out, "That one! Send us!" Surprised by her own boisterous shout, Charis glanced back at her team, their faces all smiling and nodding in support and agreement. At that Charis turned back to the Lord, who was now staring directly into her eyes. For a moment it felt like, only she and He were in the room! He smiled, He nodded, He said, "It is good" and dismissed her with a wave of His hand.
    Charis turned to her team; they all reached out for each others hands forming a circle, as Thunder clapped loudly.  Instantly they were all teleported to the icy ledge of the cave.

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